Passive Splitter/Combiner

Use the 2x1Split to make an 8 channel IEM combiner, create a distributed antenna system, or to tap into you spectrum analyzer to get more insight into your setup.

Passive 2X1 RF Signal Splitter / Combiner, BNC female connectors

The 2x1SPLIT is intended for use with wireless audio systems and is compatible with all major brand wireless microphones and in-ear monitors.

One BNC antenna in and two BNC out, or two BNC antennas in and one BNC out.
R1 channel passes 12V DC if DC over coax is provided.

RF Carrier Frequency Range: 10-1,000 MHz
VSWR (Voltage Wave Standing Ratio): 1.2
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Isolation: 20dB
Insertion Loss: 2dB
Dimensions: 72.2x54.9x23.6 mm
Weight: 62.6g