Distribution Equipment by RF Venue

Simple, cost-effective antenna distribution for wireless audio

RF Spotlight antenna

DISTRO4 - With Cascade

DISTRO4 provides RF and DC power to 4 wireless microphone systems of any brand, allowing you to split 2 incoming antenna signals across multiple receivers.

CP Beam helical antenna

RF Explorer RackPRO

The RF Venue RF Explorer RackPRO is a 1RU hardware tool for spectrum analysis and frequency coordination. Designed for the needs of audio professionals.

RF Spotlight antenna


COMBINE4 joins four IEM signals into a single RF output for dramatic improvement in signal quality.

RF Spotlight antenna


The 4ZONE is designed to combine multiple pairs of diversity antennas used for wireless microphone receivers.


The OPTIX™ fiber optic remote antenna system represents a new era in RF distribution for any brand wireless audio system or distributed antenna installation. OPTIX systems substantially reduces material and labor costs by eliminating the need for expensive and lossy coaxial cables.

RF Spotlight antenna


Passive splitter/combiner


In-Line Amplifier

The In-Line Amplifier adds 10dB of gain allowing for longer cables runs with passive antennas.

Band-pass Filter

Band-pass Filters

New 50 MHz wide band-pass filters make it a snap to isolate your wireless system from third party interference and noise.