Mac OS X* spectrum analysis and frequency monitoring software for RF Explorer®

*Vantage is not compatible with Windows.

*New Update Released 4/26/17*

• Save / Load Sessions
• Improved User Interface
• Auto-save scan ranges for easy recall
• Export to Sennheiser Wireless System Manager® format
• More on the way...


Live RF Scanning

Vantage delivers fast, real-time spectrum scans from 15 MHz - 6.1 GHz, depending on your RF Explorer model. All changes can be made on-the-fly, without starting or stopping the connection. Launch Vantage and you're immediately scanning, no session setup or learning curve. Vantage will also auto-save your scan ranges for quick recall in the scan dropdown menu.

Frequency Monitoring

Monitor frequencies for signal dropout events and keep an eye on mics and IEM levels in real time during shows. Frequency amplitudes are displayed and refreshed in real time, while the viewed scan range can be manipulated while frequencies are still being monitored. For multiple site venues, Vantage can save your scan ranges and monitored frequency tables as Session files for future use.

Export Scan Data

Vantage supports CSV data file exports to industry leading frequency coordination programs like Shure Wireless Workbench® (WWB)  Professional Wireless Systems' Intermodulation Analysis System® (IAS) as well as Sennheiser Wireless System Manager®.

$99 / License

(each license valid for 2 activations)

Compatible with Mac OS 10.10 and above, not compatible with Windows.
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